How Temporary Insurance Assisted With My Proposal

I wanted to propose to my girlfriend of five years by planning an elaborate weekend getaway. I chose a cozy bed and breakfast out in the country, complete with horseback riding and a picnic. Little did anyone know I would be asking this woman to spend the rest of her life with me. To get there, I wanted to borrow a friendís expensive convertible sports car to make our ride out in the country romantic and memorable. When I asked about insurance rates at my regular insurance company, I was taken aback at the high rates and knew I could do better.

So after talking to some family members without revealing my secret plans to propose, my brother told me about temporary car insurance and the companies that work only with these types of policies. They offer better rates than the rental companies or regular insurance companies and can insure your car from one to up to 28 days. It sounded like the perfect solution for my plans of weekend romance.

My brother referred me to a company that he had used while taking a vacation with a rental car the previous year and I gave them a call. I also got out the phone directory and looked up listings for several other companies that issued temporary policies and went online. After contacting several companies I did decide to go with and I got cover for both my girlfriend and I because I knew she would want to drive the car as well.

On the day we set out for our romantic weekend, my girlfriend was indeed excited about the convertible and immediately asked me if she could drive. I tossed her the keys and gave her a peck on the cheek and we buckled up and headed out on the city streets to escape to the brief country getaway that awaited us. We had the green light at an intersection and were proceeding through it when a car came speeding through the red light and t-boned the vehicle in front of us.

At the scene of the accident we called the police when they arrived discovered that the other driver not only had been drinking but did not have insurance. The victims of the accident were admitted to the hospital for minor injuries. All we could think was it could have been us if we had been just one car ahead in traffic.

Having temporary insurance for that kind of wreck saved us a lot of expense, compared to the regular insurance companies. Knowing that we had insurance after witnessing the accident made me realize how important insurance actually is, especially if you are hit by someone who isnít insured. We made it to the bed and breakfast a little late but they held our reservation and we had a beautiful and amorous weekend. My girlfriend and I are now engaged to be married in June of next year.